Thank you for showing interest in becoming an ambassador for We Wear It Better!


  1.  You will receive a 15% OFF CLIENT CODE to share with your social media followers on Instagram or any other (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook...). You can also share with friends and family. When they make a purchase, they can use this discount code during checkout. In exchange, you get a comission!

  2. Post a picture of one of our products on Instagram, include your CLIENT CODE in the caption and tag us @wewearitbettershop. You can go to our website or Instagram page to find a picture to post. Please, once you become an Ambassador, be active. Keep posting over the week, it will increase your chances of making a sale!

  3. If you would like to model one of our products, feel free to purchase one and use our special  20% OFF AMBASSADOR CODE that you will also receive by e-mail. Please DO NOT post this code on Instagram. It is only for ambassador usage. 
    ATTENTION: there is no need to purchase any product if you don't want, you can just share your code using our product pictures from the site/Instagram.

  4. Every time someone uses your code, you will receive 15% comission via Paypal! We will contact you for every purchase that someone makes using your coupon. If you wish, we can also send you free products instead of money (after a sale is made).

  5. To help you grow with us, we will feature your Instagram account in our popular Instagram page that have more than 45k followers!

  6. This is not a contract, so you will have no obligations with us. You can leave the ambassador program anytime you want. This means that you are not an employee our company, just a partner for colaborations in social media.


  1. Send us an email to . Please tell us your social media username and inform that you want to become an AMBASSADOR;

  2. If you have a PINTEREST account, please type your username in the MESSAGE box;

  3. Within 48 hours we will reply to you with a 15% OFF CLIENT CODE and a 20% OFF AMBASSADOR CODE;

  4. After you receive the email with the codes, you can start posting our products on your page, or you can make a purchase with the 20% off discount and model the products yourself.



How will I be paid? 
We normally send payments via Paypal.

How much will I be paid? 
You will be paid 15% of the total sales made using your code.

When will I be paid? 
You are paid within 48 hours after your sale is made.

How will you know that I have sold anything? 
We will let you know by email right after a sale is made. If you don't receive an update, you can always email us asking how many times your code was used.
What should I post/How should I get started?
Post a picture of one of our products on Instagram. You can go to our website and find a picture. Tag @thatglamstore in your post and include your CLIENT CODE on the caption. 

I usually only post new content that I have created. How can I reconcile this with posting content from your site? 
That is totally fine. Feel free to purchase a product from the shop using the discount code that we provided you with. 

I am located in another country. Will this be a problem? 
We provide FREE insured shipping worldwide and we have thousands of clients all over the globe! It will be no problem at all.